Hello and welcome to my first official blog post!
My name is Grace and I’m extremely excited to share my life with you all!
One day I woke up and thought, “What if I started a blog?”
Well, here I am.
My vision for this blog is to reach out to others, build relationships, encourage you and last but certainly not least, have fun sharing life’s crazy adventures.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.
October 2016 I could have told you exactly where I thought I’d be right now, who my friends would always be, what my job would be… Yet here I am, one year later feeling lost and sometimes alone. I’m not even sure where I’m working in December, and thinking about my long term future often leads to headaches and heartache.

Some of you may feel the same way. Lost, wandering, longing, confused… This is a big reason why I started “The Adventures Ahead”, so that maybe in some small way I can encourage you, and some of you reading this, hearing my story will know that you are not alone in life’s journey.
Throughout my posts you will find some deeper, more serious posts about life and it’s hardships, but also some uplifting and fun ones about the crazy life of a camp counselor working with 6th graders.
Posts will be each Monday and Friday! I adore connecting with my readers. If you ever have a question, post suggestion, or want to hear more about a topic/ story I post, don’t ever hesitate to reach out!
Happy Adventuring!