Top 5 reasons I love Christmas-and challenges to ignite your love for it again too!

Incase you’ve been living under a rock… It’s Christmas time! Personally, I ADORE all things Christmas, but I was talking to a coworker today who expressed to me that she was quite ready to be done with it all.That got me thinking, “Why do I love Christmas time so much?” then that thought turned into “It must be so sad to just be stressed out all the time during this time of the year!” and finally, “I want to help people get back into the Holiday spirit!”

And that leads us here, to this blog post!

If you’ve been struggling with stress and drama and are too fed up to enjoy Christmas, this post is for you! Hopefully by the end of the post, you’ll feel a wee bit more cheerful. (Make sure to read until the end, I have a link that will help get you started, so you barely have to do any thinking or digging for ideas!)

Ps. Already a in a festive mood without my help? That’s awesome! I’d love to hear why YOU love Christmas in the comments!

1) The Holiday Spirit

Okay, so that’s pretty cliché. But I wasn’t quite sure how else to word it.
You know when you’re shopping and the sales associate smiles and says “Merry Christmas?” or when someone holds a door and says “Happy Holidays?” I know that not every person is extra cheery during December, but in my experience a lot of people are. One time, we were standing in line at the food court in Costco during the Christmas season and a woman struck up a conversation with my sister. When she found out that she was in college, she paid for her snack as well as gave her $5 to “Buy a coffee for yourself…”
My first Christmas Challenge: Look for an opportunity to make someone’s day! Big or small, even if it’s only making small talk with someone in line at Starbucks! Little things like that often make my day better and brings a smile to my face.

2)Giving, Giving, Giving!

“It is better to give than to receive” …Oh! Look! Another cliché!
If you’re an adult, especially with kids, you may be thinking “That may be true, but all I ever do is give.” I get it, combine thinking up the perfect gift, buying and then all the wrapping, it can quickly become exhausting. But when you get out of routine, when you give simply because you want to give, it can make your heart elated!
My Challenge: Even if you have 150 people to buy for, look for one person you may not normally give a gift to, then think of something really awesome to get them! (*cough cough* not a gift card…) Maybe try giving them something to *do* not simply *Have* For example, maybe get them a gift certificate (I know I said no gift cards, stay with me here!) to a yoga studio! Or maybe one of those “paint and sip” establishments… be creative! Think out of the box… what does that person enjoy doing? What would really make their day to receive?

3)Crafting, Crafting, Crafting!

I’m guessing that not everyone is going to agree with me here, and that’s cool.
But I really love getting creative. From making snowmen out of yarn to cutting out some paper snowflakes, I just love inventing something with my hands!
My Challenge: Even if you’re not super crafty, or crafty at all, try something new! Check out Pinterest for a simple Christmas craft, put on your favorite Holiday jam, and try getting into that crafting zone! Not to mention, if you were not feeling any of the gift ideas in #3, handmade goods ALWAYS make AWESOME gifts!


I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! For real. Nothing is better than a good rendition of a classic carol.
I’m always flabbergasted when people say they don’t like Holiday music. There are SO many different types and sounds and styles of Christmas music. There’s gotta be something you like! For instance, I like a jazzy version of “The First Noel.” Where as some may like the classic sound of “Rudolph the rednosed reindeer….”
My challenge/advice: even if you swear you hate Christmas music, go look online for a sound and style you like! I bet you can find something.
Pro tip: if you like the jazzy sound, check out Brett Eldredge Christmas album! IT’S LITERALLY THE.BEST.EVER. Josh Groban is also a favorite of mine.
If you’ve never heard of Casting Crowns, for sure check out their Christmas album, but mostly their rendition of “I heard the bells on Christmas day.” I get chills every time I hear it!

5) Organization

I’m guessing right now that half of you are rejoicing with me, and half are thinking “What is this crazy lady thinking. Me? Organized? With all I have to do?” For the first half, yes! You get me! I get you! Drop a comment of your favorite way to stay organized!
For the second half; I understand! We all have different gifts and talents, some of us like color codes and spreadsheets, while some prefer flying by the seat of our pants. Honestly, I’m actually in between! I’m not super analytical and organize everything in my life, but I also don’t throw everything to the wind either.
During the holidays though, I survive off of lists, sharpies, and clipboards!
If you’ve never tried such tactics, maybe this is your time!
My Challenge: Grab a notebook, and start writing out some “To-Dos” even if your list gets astronomically long, keep going! In the end, it will help SO MUCH! And if you’re still with me after that, then seperate everything you have to go into categories. Example: “Gifts to buy” “Gifts to wrap” “Food to buy” “Places in the house to clean.”

BONUS! #6)

Still finding it hard to get into the spirit? If all of the above has not convinced you how splendorous this magical season is, I recommend taking time to sit in front of the TV. (Yep, you heard that right. If you’re feeling guilty about ‘wasting time,’ I’m giving you full permission to take an hour and a half to yourself!) My favorites?
White Christmas
The Christmas Card (Not too well known, it’s on Netflix. Look it up!)
Home alone

Lucky for you, I’ve already completed some first steps by creating a “Christmas 2017” Board on Pinterest with some ideas to get you started! Simple crafts, recipes, music and movie ideas, it’s all there! Check it out, and while you’re there, hit that “follow” button!

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In conclusion,I hope this helped you gain some ideas of ways you can get into the Christmas spirit!
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch “White Christmas” and drink peppermint Hot cocoa 🙂

Happy Adventuring, and Merry Christmas yall!