Hello 2018

Happy 2018 ya’ll!

I always want to be a “New year’s resolution” person, but I’ll admit I always end up in the 80% of people that never follow through. This year, it’s going to be different. I mean it this time, too! I’ve made 4 resolutions that I intend to fully commit.
I thought I’d share my 4 resolutions for 2018, perhaps you’ll gain some ideas for your own resolutions!

1) Get my Spiritual life back in check.

I’ve been pretty slack with the time I spend with Jesus and I don’t like that. I don’t just want to say I’m going to simply pray everyday or read the Bible everyday. While those are great, I desire to seek out others with the same beliefs as I, growing with them and being challenged.
My action plan this year to get my spiritual life into check is:
A) Have Jesus time each day. I don’t mean roll out of bed and read a chapter of psalm through groggy eyes, but also find good books that will take me through doctrine studies. I’ve actually got a head start on this one, I started reading “Mere Christianity” this week! Next, I’m going to read “The Insanity of God.”
B) Find a small group Bible study to connect with others while learning and growing



2) Document each day in a journal.

I’ve always loved journaling, but never make the time for it! I love being able to read my past entries from years ago, and I adore the idea that in 50 years I’ll be able to look back and see what my life was like in 2018! This one is pretty cut and dried; not too much else to say so let’s keep moving!

3) In 2018, I’m going to start going on more adventures.

I can be a cautious person. I back out of things because of money or time or “what could happen.” But I’m ready to stop living my life worrying about what could happen. This year, if I have a hard decision to make, I’m going to trust my gut, close my eyes, dive head first into the great unknown, and pray it takes me to new and exciting places!

4) Drink water!

Okay this one may sound silly to some, but yall humans need water! Lots of water. Wayyy more water than I currently consume in a day. In 2018, I am going to drink the amount of water my body needs! I downloaded this cool reminder app.I have a super cute water bottle, so I’m already halfway there, right?

If you have any tips for me on my 4 resolutions, I’d love to hear them! Drop them in the comments, or send me a message on the “Contact” page!

Do you have resolutions for 2018? What are they? Comment on this post!

Bring it on, 2018. I’m ready for ya.
Happy Adventuring,