These Ol’ Boots

Do you have something materialistic that holds a lot of sentimental value to you, but seems silly to others? I can be a bit sappy at times, so I have quite a few of such items.

However, very few items I hold as dear to my heart as my old worn cowboy boots.

In these boots, I made the mistake of wearing them hiking the first week I owned them. My feet hated me after about half an hour, I don’t think I’ve ever had blisters quite like the ones I gained from that experience.

In these boots, I traveled to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Washington DC. Visiting family, touring new city’s, taking pictures, going on adventures.

In these boots, I’ve sat atop a saddle for more hours than I can count.

In these boots, I’ve stood proud. Proud to be who I am. I’ve faced down 1,00-pound animals in the eye. I’ve looked fear in the face and laughed. I’ve stood against bullies.

In these boots, I’ve held others as they cry. I’ve counseled, protected, and loved.

In these boots, I’ve broken down. I’ve wept.

In these boots, I’ve been held. Been comforted, been assured,

In these boots, I’ve said goodbye more times than I can count.

These boots, smelling of leather and saddle soap and years of abuse. Remain Memories, memories of goodbyes and memories of hellos. They’ve been with me as I ran to my best friends after months of not seeing each other. They’ve witnessed tear-filled hello’s as I am reunited with family. They were there when I had my best time in barrel racing. They were there when I cantered for the first time bareback, the closest I’ve ever felt to flying.

They may appear to be beat up old shoes to most, but to me, they are precious. 

The smiles and the tears, the strength and the weakness, the laughter and the pain, the adventures and the waiting… I’ve endured all, in these ol’ boots.

Happy Adventuring,


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